Lifting hooks are the hardware of choice for quick, non permanent connections to a lifting point.  Typically attached to the end of a sling, hooks come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.   

I&I Sling maintains stock of the most popular sizes and styles, including eye hooks, swivel hooks, grab hooks, Shur-loc hooks and snap hooks. All our hooks are tested from the manufacturer and rated and marked in compliance with ASME B30.10.   

Types of Hooks 

Eye sling hooks are the most common type and are intended to be permanently installed onto your sling.   They come in both carbon and alloy (allowing more capacity for the same size) and feature a standard throat opening that can allow for easy connection and disconnections to the load.   

Swivel hooks give the rigger the ability to rotate the hook.  There are two types of swivel hooks: a standard (positioning) swivel hook and a swivel hook with bearings.  Standard swivel hooks are designed to be rotated before load is applied. A swivel hook with a bearing can be rotated while both under load or when no load is applied to the hook which makes it very versatile.  Swivel hooks are a great tool to easily position the sling and prevent twisting of the rigging. 


Self locking hooks or Shur-Loc hooks come with a latch that locks in place.  The latch is very durable and is almost impossible to open until the load is released.  These hooks are available in eye, clevis, swivel and swivel with bearing. 

Choker or grab hooks are typically used with chain and allow the chain sling to be grabbed and either choked or shortened.  Available in two different types - standard and cradle and in both eye and clevis.  Cradle grabs are the choice if you intend to shorten your chain with it as it allows you to achieve the full working load - performing shortening with a standard grab hook requires a 20% reduction in capacity. 

Rigging hooks can be installed onto your wire rope, chain, roundsling or web slings.  Extending the life of your sling and providing a better connection to your lift.  We recommend utilizing latches with almost all hooks.  I&I Sling is a full service sling repair center, which enables us to replace or install latch kits onto your hooks, offering the peace of mind of additional safety features while also extending the life of your existing hooks.   

There are many other types of hooks we can provide including drum/barrel hooks, sorting hooks, J-hooks and foundry hooks.  Reach out to your Product Advisor to find the hook that fits your application.