Synthetic web slings are composed of primarily nylon as well as polyester web. As an inexpensive rigging solution, synthetic web slings are soft and flexible.

I&I Sling, Inc. constructs all of its synthetic web slings with domestically produced 9800lb heavy duty webbing. They are fully compliant with the latest ASME B30.9 standard and have a 5:1 Design Factor.

Material type, nylon or polyester, can be specified at placement of order. As an additional option, synthetic web slings can be fabricated with a protective edge or have Covermax® material added in the body and/or eyes for enhanced abrasion resistance.

I&I Sling, Inc. can also supply custom web slings, such as a wide body type, cylinder, glass slings, and two,three, and four leg bridle slings.

They are available in 6 different types: