Air chain hoists are typically low maintenance, can be sparkless and have a rugged design. This makes them great for both manufacturing and industrial facilities. I&I Sling has a wide selection of air hoists to meet your needs.

Harrington's TCR large capacity air chain hoists are market tested and proven to be durable and easily repairable. These high-performance hoists have all of the power required for lifting very heavy material and are the ideal choice for extreme applications including in mines, shipyards, heavy construction, rigging situations and the petrochemical industry.

  • Capacities 10 and 25 Ton
  • Vane motor design allows for fine feathering control
  • Unlimited duty cycle for severe applications
  • Adjustable load limiter stops lift when load is over rated capacity

Reach out to your Product Advisor for more information.

Air Hoists TCR scaled
Air Hoists TCR large cap scaled
Air Hoists TCL 1 Ton scaled
Air Hoists TCS scaled
Air Hoists AH pendant
Air Hoists TCK scaled