Magnets are a powerful tool for lifting.  Magnetic lifters can offer you a quick and efficient way of lifting objects like steel plates, without damaging the surface.  I&I Sling provides a variety of magnet options all in conformance with ASME B30.20.  Contact an I&I Sling Product Advisor to discuss which magnet will work best for your lift.

PowerLift® Magnets

These compact, yet powerful, Rare Earth lift magnets can be used on flat or round surfaces and contain an internal release on/off device that does not contact or damage the surface of the part being lifted. Permanent magnetic lifts also eliminate the fear of dropping the load being lifted due to power failures.

  • ON/OFF Rare Earth Design
  • Lifts flat or round loads
  • Easy internal manual release does not contact the load
  • Heat Resistant up to 180* F (82* C )
  • Designed for Thick, Non-Flexing Material

The new handle on the PowerLift® Rare Earth lift magnet features a positive lock-on and lock-off mechanism that requires the operator to manually switch between the two states. This prevents the handle from being turned only “partially on” and giving the operator a false sense of security that the magnet is holding safely, or from being accidentally bumped to the “off” position, dropping the load pre-maturely.

VersaLift® Magnets

Compact and powerful Rare Earth permanent lift magnet for use on flat or round surfaces. Contains an internal On/Off release device that does not contact or damage the surface of the part. Locking On/Off handle prevents the handle from being bumped “On” or “Off” , combined with a permanent magnetic lift, eliminates the fear of dropping the load. More features than other lifts and manufactured in the USA.

  • Rare Earth Permanent Magnet
  • Vertical Lift Capable using the optional Lift Lug attachment
  • Embedded RFID Chip
  • Locking On/Off handle & Test load feature
  • Supports custom pole shoes (4, 1/4″-20 Tapped Holes, 1/2″ deep)
  • Lifts flat or round loads (see chart below)
  • Stationary Lift Lug(s)
  • Heat resistant up to 180*F (82*C)
  • 3:1 Design Factor