Wire Rope Clips

Wire rope clips are a great tool for making in the field end terminations or constructing eyes on your wire rope.  They are not recommended for use to construct lifting slings.   They are available in two basic types, fist grip and U-bolt.  Both have their own unique installation requirements and require proper torquing to ensure a proper fit.  Wire rope clips provide 80% efficiency for ⅛” through ⅞”  and 90% efficiency rating for 1” through 3-½”.  I&I Sling can also provide malleable and stainless steel wire rope clips. 

Crosby G 429
Crosby G 450


Thimbles provide a hard eye for your wire rope assembly, preventing deformation and increasing longevity.  Thimbles are highly recommended when attaching hardware to your wire rope assembly.  I&I Sling stocks a wide variety of wire rope thimbles to suit your needs.  Contact an I&I Sling Product Advisor to discuss your application.  

Crescent thimble
Crosby G 408
Crosby G 411
Crosby S 412