Eye bolts are used to attach to an object to create a rigging point.  Depending on your application one of four types of rigging eye bolts can be used.

Regular eye bolts are the basic type of eye bolt.  They are typically supplied with a nut and can be threaded through the material and secured with the nut.  They are only to be used for in line loading (90 degree load angles).

Shoulder eye bolts are the same as regular eye bolts except they have a shoulder and therefore can be used for angular loading.

Machinery eye bolts have a shoulder but are not intended to be threaded through the object.

Screw eye bolts can be screwed into the object such as wood or other soft material.

There are 4 properties of eyebolts to be mindful of

  • Diameter
  • Thread length and size (UNC or metric)
  • Bolt length
  • Working load limit

Reach out to your Product Advisor to figure out which eyebolt is right for your application.

Eye Bolt Large
G 277
G 291
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S 279
S 293 e1614964141755