Training with The Rigging Institute

Rigging Institute, LLC, is the authorized training company for I&I Slingmax. Our trainers come from diverse backgrounds such as riggers, crane and equipment operators, safety professionals and various positions within the rigging industry, to offer exceptional hands-on coursework. Rigging Institute aims to continuously improve the effectiveness of our end user training, to coincide with revised standards and the most current product innovations in the hoisting and rigging industry.

Training That Works Rigging Institute, LLC provides quality rigging application and inspection programs that are uniquely suited to individuals involved in all aspects of the modern hoisting and rigging industry. Our trainees develop rigging competence through innovative programs that create a straightforward, practical approach to rigging. Our trainers use real world examples in a supportive environment to present course material. Integrity and quality guides Rigging Institute, LLC, as we utilize the latest rigging applications, innovative products, and techniques to ensure that our students meet the challenges of today’s demands for rigging qualification and certifications. Rigging Institute courses can be tailored to fit each company’s exact needs.

Rigging and Signalperson Training Rigging Institute’s rigging courses are designed to meet the training needs of riggers at all stages in their careers. Rigging Institute has also teamed up with NCCCO, a non-profit organization that has developed effective written and performance examinations to verify rigger and signalperson skill and knowledge. Rigging Institute’s instructors are NCCCO certified riggers/signal persons. We are authorized to perform practical examinations for Signalperson and Rigger level 1 and 2 certifications. Our certification prep training prepares the participant to meet the knowledge and skill level to pass NCCCO certification standards.

Sling and Rigging Hardware Inspection Training Rigging Institute offers three inspection courses for slings and rigging hardware ranging from 4 to 16 hours. Level 1 is a 4-hour course, designed to prepare the student to perform initial and frequent inspections. Level 2 is an 8-hour text book course reviewing documented periodic inspection. Designed for supervisors, Level 3 Qualified Inspector training is a 16-hour course preparing the student to perform periodic inspections with the confidence to make the correct decision to remove or leave in service. Approximately 8 hours of the Qualified Inspector training is devoted to the inspection and review of field damaged rigging gear.

Contact your I&I Slingmax Outside Product Advisor for more information or to set up a course at their facility or yours.