Low Cost


UV Resistance

Assembled in USA

Assembled in USA

Single path disposable sling

Polyester Roundslings

Single Path Polyester roundslings are a low cost, flexible lifting sling fabricated at your local I&I Sling branch location. Manufactured up to 150 feet with capacities ranging from 3,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs., these polyester roundslings are available in a variety of colors.

Polyester roundslings can be enhanced with the Covermax Cover and the Check-Fast inspection system to increase longevity and safety.

If repairability and longevity are important, check out the  Slingmax Twin-Path high performance sling.




Is a Polyester Roundsling Right for Your Application?

Polyester roundslings are a great choice when low cost and flexibility are important factors in your job. Their flexibility makes them a good choice for choke and wrapped basket applications. For additional peace of mind, our synthetic roundslings can be proof loaded to twice the rated capacity.

Exclusive Safety Features for Polyester Roundslings

I&I Sling has the capability to add the Slingmax Check-Fast inspection system to any polyester roundsling. This system is designed to react when the sling experiences a severe overload. This feature provides a unique glimpse into the internal workings of your roundsling under load and helps you avoid accidents.

Our polyester roundslings are fabricated with double wall polyester tubing in various colors. Standard colors are outlined in the chart below, however any color can be chosen. For additional abrasion resistance and durability, the Slingmax Covermax cover can be substituted as an upgrade in place of the standard-supplied polyester cover.

Our synthetic slings are all custom tagged and rated with common hitch configurations, length and material information. They are constructed at a 5:1 Design factor and have a 1:1 D/d ratio. These features ensure they are fully compliant with ASME B30.9 requirements.

Synthetic Roundslings Made to Your Specifications

All polyester roundslings sold by I&I Sling are manufactured in house at one of our 6 full-service branch locations right here in the USA. With centuries of combined sling manufacturing experience, our fabricators take great care to ensure every American-made polyester roundsling that leaves our facility will meet your job requirements.

We fully stock our warehouses with a large range of sizes and length polyester roundslings so you can get started at your job as quick as possible. If we don’t have what you need, we have the manufacturing capability to provide our customers with custom or uncommon size slings on short lead times. Whether you are a new customer, or an existing customer we can provide your synthetic roundsling needs quickly with a high quality product.