Lifting clamps are used to latch onto a material, such as steel sheets, pipes, barrels, and beams.  Typically used in pairs, clamps grip the material in a variety of different ways.  I&I Sling stocks many different clamps from the Crosby group.  Consider the type of clamp, jaw opening and working load limit when choosing which clamp to use for your application.  Work with a I&I Sling Product Advisor to find out which clamp will work best for your job.

Vertical Clamps

Vertical clamps are for the vertical lifting, turning, and transfer of steel sheet and plates. These clamps are also available in non-marring, for when you need to protect the material being lifted from being scratched by the clamp.

Beam Clamps

Pipe and Drum Lifters

Pipe clamps are great for grabbing cylinders made of cast iron, steel, PVC or cement.  And Drum or barrel clamps are the perfect solution for moving 50 to 55 gallon drums around your facility.