Hoist rings are a great alternative solution to an eye bolt.  Hoist rings are designed for angular lifting that an eye bolt wouldn’t be able to sustain.  Hoist rings have the ability to pivot and rotate.  They also have large bails which make hardware connections simple.  There are two main types of hoist rings: 

Swivel hoist rings are designed to be attached to the top of an object and can pivot 180 degrees and rotate 360 degrees.   

Side pull or side load hoist rings are designed to be attached to the side of an object.  They can pivot 90 degrees but may have to be derated. 

When ordering there are 4 major properties to consider 

  • Diameter 
  • Thread length and size (UNC or metric) 
  • Bolt length 
  • Working load limit 
swivel Hoist Ring Large

I&I Sling provides and stocks a wide variety of hoist rings.  Reach out to your Product Advisor to decide which hoist ring is right for your application. 

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HR 125
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