Turnbuckles are designed to increase or decrease tension gradually without twisting the rigging to which it's attached.  They consist of three pieces, a forged body and two end fittings, with 3 types of end fittings available - eyes, jaws and hooks. Turnbuckles are a convenient solution for lifting situations where the rigging used is not of exact equal length tolerance.  Turnbuckles can be used to make adjustments to the length or height of your rigging so that every lift is performed balanced and safe. 

Always apply turnbuckles in a straight in-line manner only. Do not allow anything to contact the turnbuckle body or end attachment threaded shanks.  Reach out to an I&I Sling Product Advisor to assist with choosing the correct turnbuckle for your application. 

HG 223 Hook Hook
HG 225 Hook Eye
HG 226 Eye Eye
HG 227 Jaw Eye
HG 228 Jaw Jaw
HG 4037 Eye End Fitting
HG 4037 Hook End Fitting