Twin Path Roundsling Synthetic Sling

Twin-Path High Performance Synthetic Roundslings (TPXCF)

Twin-Path® synthetic roundslings are high performance roundslings designed to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency in your rigging performance. Slingmax® Twin-Path synthetic slings can be used for all overhead lifts from small lifts to extremely heavy lifts. Additionally, Twin-Path roundslings are versatile and available in capacities ranging from 5 ton to 400 ton with higher capacities available on request.  These remarkably advanced synthetic slings are 10% the weight of steel. Due to incomparable performance and longevity, Twin-Path synthetic slings have been found to be the best rigging solution for construction, offshore, power generation, manufacturing, wind power and military markets, and these slings are assembled right here in the USA.

I&I Sling is the premier manufacturer of Slingmax slings on the East Coast United States. We have been manufacturing Slingmax Twin-Path slings since 1986.





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K-Spec® Core Yarn

Inside every Slingmax® Twin-Path roundsling is K-Spec® core yarn, a specialized blend of high performance fiber manufactured in North Carolina, USA.  K-Spec core yarn has been used and systematically improved on specifically for overhead lifting performance for over 30 years. Twin Path slings get their name because underneath the sling jacket are two independent paths of core fiber working as one that provides backup redundancy to the sling design.  If one of the paths of load bearing core fiber becomes damaged the other can safely return the load to the ground.  Additionally, every Twin-Path synthetic sling is equipped with patented Rifled Cover Technology, which greatly increases sling efficiency and reliability without any additional sling weight.  K-Spec Core Yarn achieves excellent yarn and yarn abrasion and cycling performance, which enables some Twin-Path synthetic slings to be used for up to 20 years without any loss in capabilities.  

Abrasion Chart

Covermax® Cover

Protecting the load-bearing core yarn is the Slingmax® Covermax Cover.  Consisting of two separate jackets, Covermax Covers provide unmatched abrasion and UV resistance, ensuring your investment is protected.  If damage occurs to the outer green jacket, the red jacket will appear notifying the user to remove the sling from service.  The sling can then be returned, repaired and recertified.

Check-Fast® Inspection System

Standard with every Twin-Path Sling is the Check-Fast® Inspection system. The Check-Fast Inspection is equipped with an Early Warning Indication (EWI) device that projects from the tag area of a Twin-Path Sling. If severe overload occurs the device will retract into the sling alerting the rigger. After safely stopping the lift, the sling can be returned to any I&I Sling facility for a repair evaluation. If no damage occurred to the K-Spec fiber, the Check-Fast inspection system can be reset and the sling can be placed back in service.

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