I&I Sling is the premier supplier of Thern Davit Cranes and Winches on the East Coast. Davit Cranes and winches are available in many different sizes and configurations.  Reach out to your Product Advisor to discuss the right one for your jobs.

Portable Davit Cranes

I&I Sling offers a wide variety of Thern portable Davit Cranes that are designed to move from one work area to another, making your work easier and more efficient. No matter what your lift and hoisting needs are, I&I Sling can support your needs with Thern Portable Davit Cranes.

Ensign 500
First Mate
Ensign 1000
Commander 500
Commander 1000
Commander 2000

Stationary Davit Cranes

If you need your Davit Crane to be in a fixed location, I&I Sling offers a wide range of Davit Cranes designed for stationary use. Thern’s line of stationary cranes allow for extended-length booms for maximum reach on larger loads and are capable of lifts up to 2,000 lbs (907 kg).  With electric, hydraulic or pneumatic operation, the Captain 2000 rotates 360 degrees and has a quick-disconnect anchor.

Captian 2000
Captain 2500
Captain 4000
Admiral 3000


I&I Sling proudly offers Thern Winches to our customers. Thern winches are made in the USA and are available as electric or air powered. Thern industrial winches provide maximum durability, reliability and safety. I&I Sling is an expert on winches and with decades of experience, we know you depend on your winch to get the job done.

Electric Winches

Power and precision on any work site. These heavy duty electric winches are built to travel long distances, accommodate faster line speeds, and give you the ultimate control. Thern electric winches can lift, pull or position up to 100,000 lb. Secure load control, reduce maintenance, position accurately and run a dependable operation with mighty features like welded steel drums, flange-style roller bearings, extended solid steel drum shafts, load holding motor disc brakes, direct drive gear reducers and more.

4WS Series
4HS Series
4HWF Series
4HPF Series
4HBP Series
Liberty Series
4WP2 Series
4WP2D Series
477 Series
3WG4 Series

Air Winches

When you need to lift, lower or position a heavy load, I&I Sling can provide dependable air winches needed to get the job done efficiently. From construction to maritime to manufacturing and more, our air winches are built tough to meet the demands of the job in any environment and a wide variety of applications.

TAC Series
Mini TA Series