Swivels are specialty rigging products designed to rotate. This rotation is necessary when lifting in order to manually negate the effect of an unintended spinning load. Swivels are also designed to be used to intentionally position the load when load orientation is a priority or required for installation purposes.  Swiveling rigging hardware can be attached inline with other rigging and are the perfect solution to your rigging plan.  They come in many different styles with different end connections including eye, jaw and hook ends.  There are two main types: positioning swivels and ball bearing swivels.  One very important consideration when working with swivels is that only swivels with bearings can be rotated while under load.  Contact an I&I Sling Product Advisor to assist with the correct selection and application for your job. 

AS 1 17
G 402
G 403
S 1 Jaw Hook
S2 Jaw Jaw 1
S 3 Jaw Eye
S 4 Eye Jaw
S 5 Eye Eye
S 6 Eye Hook