Sling Saver fittings are designed by the Crosby Group to prolong the life of your synthetic slings.  Sling Saver Fittings are excellent for both synthetic roundslings and synthetic web slings, sling saver fittings provide a wide flat surface for your sling to rest on during lifts.

Sling saver shackles are constructed in both screw pin and bolt type configurations.  Available in sizes up to 50 tons these shackles are perfect for making a connection point between your synthetic sling and an eyebolt, hoist ring or other connection device.

Crosby S 252
Crosby S 253
Crosby S 281

Sling saver synthetic connectors allow you to connect two slings together.  Either connecting a synthetic sling to another synthetic sling or a synthetic sling to chain or wire rope.  When used correctly, the design of this device allows you to maintain a 100% efficiency rating.

Crosby S 237

Sling saver hooks are perfect for web slings.  These hooks have a wide connection point to help prevent wear in the eye of the web sling.

Crosby WSL320A

When choosing your sling saver fitting, check the width of the connection point and working load limit.  Consult with your local I&I Sling Product Advisor to determine what fitting is best for your application.