Shackles are most commonly used as connection hardware.  I&I Sling stocks and supplies many different types of shackles.  This includes Screw Pin Anchor, Bolt Type Anchor, Chain, Wide Body for improved D/d Ratio, Long Reach and wide mouth shackles.

Screw pin shackles have a pin which screws in the ear of the shackle.  This makes them great for quick load hook up and tear down.

Safety bolt shackles have a bolt pin that goes through the ears and are secured with a nut.  A cotter pin can be put through the nut end to make it the most secure shackle pin style.

Round pin shackles are simple and consist of a pin that slides through the shackle ears and are secured with only a cotter pin.  Because of this round pin shackles should never be used in rigging applications to gather multiple sling legs or where side loading conditions may occur.

Crosby Shackles Large

In most cases shackle size is determined by the diameter of the steel in the body (bow) of the shackle. Anchor & Chain Shackle size is determined by the bow diameter.  Special design shackles (i.e. Wide Body) sizes will normally be determined by its pin diameter.  Synthetic flat shackle sizes are determined by the width of the flat surface that incorporates synthetic web and roundslings.  Shackle bodies have durable markings, by the manufacturer, to show: Manufacturers name or trademark, Size and Rated load.   Reach out to an I&I Sling Product Advisor to assist with choosing the correct shackle for your job.

At I&I Sling, we are proud to manufacture the highest quality slings at our locations right here in the US. Furthermore, we are authorized distributors of American-made lifting equipment and rigging supplies from industry leaders such as the Crosby Group. For over a century, the Crosby Group has been a world leader in rigging, lifting, and material handling hardware, It is our pleasure to be your first call for Crosby Group shackles and other lifting equipment.

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