Rope Hank Securemax 12 (smaller)

Engineered Tagline for Every Lift

SecureMax-12 is a twelve strand textured hollow braid rope that is commercial grade and engineered to be exceptionally strong, lightweight with excellent abrasion resistance for work in tough construction environments. Jobsite Safety Managers should be deliberate in choosing an engineered tagline for every lift.




Increased Grip

SecureMax-12 is a twelve strand single braid rope made from polyester. It is designed to be flexible but firm and nubby for increased grip while in use.

Securemax up close construction background USE
UV degradation

High Visibility & Inspection Features

Manufactured from white polyester fiber with high-vis yellow tracers. SecureMax-12 is extremely easy for riggers to see and hold in order to maintain control of the load. The high-visibility yellow tracers can be used by Safety Managers to identify UV degradation damage to the rope as they fade. This helps to identify rope that should be removed from service in accordance with ASME B30.30.

How to Tie a Bowline Knot

SecureMax-12 taglines are best secured to the load with knots. One of the most common types of knots is the Bowline knot. Below we have outlined a few easy steps to tie a Bowline knot.

Bowline knot guide@2x
Securemax in the field(small)

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to handle while wearing thick work gloves
  • Yellow tracers indicate UV degradation damage
  • Nubby & firm construction provides excellent in-hand feel
  • Built to be round and stay round
  • 12-strand single braid polyester construction
  • Available diameter sizes:  1/2", 5/8", 3/4".