Crosby® Screw Pin Shackles G-210

Crosby G 2170

Crosby® Grommet Shackles G-2170

Crosby® Grommet Shackles G-2170 Grommet Shackle

• All sizes Quenched and Tempered for maximum strength.
• All sizes cast alloy steel.
• All ratings are in metric tons, embossed on side of bow.
• G-2170 bows are furnished Dimetcoted and pins are Dimetcoted, then painted red.
• All sizes are RFID EQUIPPED in bow and pin.
• Designed for use with single or double large diameter grommets.
• Extra large sling contact area improves efficiency of the grommet sling
Crosby Shackles utilize new Easy-Loc bolt system
• Large machined flat on ears that can be drilled and tapped for adapting other accessories.
• Increases usable sling strength minimum of 60% and greatly improves life of grommet slings.
• Bow and bolt are certified to meet charpy impact testing of 42 Joules (31 ft • lbf) min. avg. at -20° C (-4° F).
• All 2170 shackles are individually proof tested and magnetic particle inspected.
• Shackles requiring ABS, Lloyds, and other certifications are available upon special request and must be specified at time of order.
• All 2170 shackles can meet requirements of DNV Rules for Certification of Lifting Appliances upon special request and must be specified at time of order.
• Serialization / Identification
• Material Testing (Physical / Chemical / Charpy)
• Proof Testing
• Look for the Red Pin®….the mark of genuine Crosby quality.

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