Lifting Beams and Frames are typically low-height solutions – they are the optimum solution for indoor lifts or where lifts have restricted headroom. Lifting Beams tend to be for lifts where the lifting points on the load are all in-line, whereas a Lifting Frame is used for a square/rectangular pattern of lifting points.

Modulift offers a standard range of Lifting Beams ranging from 1t to 30t capacity, with spans up to 6 metres. Lifting Beam designs can be as simple as one central top lifting point and two no. bottom lifting points to suit a 2-point lift.

Modulift can advise on the safest type of rig design for a particular application, and check the stability of the load, and can design Lifting Beams and Frames to suit more complex rigs, below are some examples.

  • Multiple connection points to suit different spans/sizes
  • Additional adjustability to accommodate loads with offset centers of gravity
  • ‘Inverted’ Lifting beams: Tandem Lifting Beams where there are two top lifting points and one central bottom lifting point e.g. when turning two crane hooks into one central lifting point
  • Beams/Frames with shackle/crane hook/direct attachment to the load

lifting_beams modulift_lifting_beams