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Qualified Inspector 3 – $995.00 Per Student


3824 Patterson St. Greensboro, NC 27407


This 2-day inspection program is a comprehensive study covering periodic inspection criteria and techniques for slings, rigging hardware and below-the-hook lifting devices as described in OSHA 1910 & 1926, ASME B30.9, B30.10, B30.20 and B30.26 along with manufacturer requirements.

The participant will gain the knowledge of sling and rigging hardware types, their correct applications, and to identify correctly fabricated sling assemblies.  This is all part of the education process to developing one’s ability to confidently identify sling and hardware defects and failures, along with the probable causes of identified defects and failures.

Attendees will participate in the hands-on inspection of (field damaged) synthetic webbing slings, roundslings, wire rope slings, alloy chain slings, wire mesh slings, rigging hardware and below-the-hook lifting devices.   You will find that Qualified Inspector (Level 3) is the most empowering and relevant sling and hardware inspection course available today.


Competent Rigger 1 – $495.00 Per Student


3824 Patterson St. Greensboro, NC 27407


This 8-hour rigging program instructs the participant in basic to intermediate rigging techniques, basic rigging math applications for symmetric loads, the effects of the load’s center of gravity (CG), and how to control the CG. The participant will be able to confidently perform frequent inspections on common slings and rigging hardware. Communication requirements and techniques are studied for mobile, tower, and overhead cranes.

The course workshops and instruction techniques are designed so the beginner is comfortable growing towards an advanced level of knowledge, while learning new skills.

Hands-on training is recommended with this course.


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