NER/ER Electric Chain Hoists with Hook and Lug Suspensions.

Harrington Hoist has added several new features and upgrades to their NER/ER Series of electric chain hoists. These improvements to our high quality, full-featured hoist include the latest technologies making these models absolutely the best electric chain hoists on the market today.

Features and Benefits:

UL® Listed:
Certified and listed to UL 1340
High Air Flow:
Cooler moto and brake attributed to an engineered moto fin, fan blade and fan cover design.
Mechanically interlocked, heavy-duty contactors on single speed models
Easy Access Suspension:
External pins allow for quick change from hook to lug for trolley mount configurations on most models.
Unique Load Sheave:
Increased number of pockets reduce chain vibration and increased life. 5 pockets standard; 6 pockets on smaller body hoists. 
High Strength, Corrosion and Wear Resistant Load Chain:
Grade 80, super strength, nickel-plated load chain, certified to DIN standards, uses unique technology to greatly increase resistance to fatigue and wear.
Green Initiative:
Built smarter wihout the use of harmful materials. Environmentally friendly. RoHS complaint.
Friction Clutch and Load Brake:
Friction clutch is standard on NER/ER models and fraction clutch with mechanical load brake standard on ER models. Carbon friction material provides consistent performance over a wide temperature range.
Dual Speed VFD:
Under-the-cover VFD Standard for dual speed hoists. Speed ratio is 6:1 with adjustability up to 12:1.
Notched Hook and Latch System:
Provides positive closing and improves resistance against lateral forces
Standard Count Hour Meter:
Records and displays the number of lowering starts and hoist on time which is valuable for preventative maintenance. Integral to VFD on dual speed models.
“The Guardian”:
Smart Break Technology: A current driven electromagnetic brake does not release unless the motor is energized. 10-year hoist brake warranty
Limit Switches:
Low-Profile upper and lower limit switches are standard.
Extended Chain Life:
Decreased chain wear as a result of revolutionary heat treatment process, improved material and chain size.
Pendant Controls:
Ergonomic design for operator comfort. Red button emergency stop is standard on all 2-button dual speed pendants.

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