Twin-Path® High Performance Slings

1. Redundant Back-up Protection – basically two independent slings in one!
2. Check-Fast® Inspection System: Warns users of sling overload conditions.
3. Rifled Cover® Technology: Twisting core strands increases sling strength by 17%!
4. Fiber Optic Inspection: Warns users of potential sling damage.
5. Unmatched length tolerance of only half an inch (+/-).
6. Repairable: Over 90% of damaged TPXC slings can be repaired!

The Cover: Covermax® Cover

7. Testing shows the CoverMax® Cover is 20x’s more abrasion resistant than the competition.
8. Provides more protection from UV damage than any other cover on the market!
9. Separate red inner cover for quick and easy damage detection.

The Core: K-Spec® High Performance Core Yarn

10. Retains its strength even after 50,000 cycles @ 150% working load capacity.
11. Best fiber on fiber abrasion resistance of all high performance fiber types.
12. Resistant to most chemicals and does not suffer from creep.
13. The most tested and used fiber worldwide — holds the record for heaviest lifts!
14. Proprietary blend which maximizes the strengths of each individual fiber type.