All of our I & I Sling Branches – Aston PA, Greensboro NC, Norwood MA, Knoxville TN, Lorton VA and Palm Coast FL are full service rigging shops. Along with our shop capabilities providing fabricated rigging slings and assemblies, and distribution of all related rigging hardware and accessories; we also offer many services and solutions to further enhance our relationship with our customers.

On-Site Training

I&I Sling has a fleet of outside product advisors who are certified NCCCO riggers (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators). Our advisors can offer a ½ hr to an hour long “Tool Box Training Session” or “Lunch & Learn” at your job site. Contact your Product Advisor or your I&I Sling Branch to inquire about these sessions available to you.

On-Site Inspections

Our trained personnel can offer on-site inspection of your rigging slings and hardware. Inspections will be provided following ASME B30 specifications. Upon completion, you will be provided with a full inspection report listing all of the items by your location and type, length, and size relating to each item. This report will include the condition of the item at the inspection – OK – Scrap – Repair needed – along with more complete inspection comments. This service does not include testing or recertification of the rigging equipment.


This on-site service is not offered at all of our I&I Branches; therefore, please call your local I&I Branch or your I&I Product Advisor for availability in your area. A fee is associated with this service which can be discussed with your local I&I Sling contact.

Rigging Inspection Training courses are also provided by our company, The Rigging Institute , which are designed to prepare an individual to handle inspections of slings and hardware per applicable ASME B30 standards. This is an option for our customers who would like to handle inspections of their own rigging equipment. Please refer to our Training section for information about all rigging training courses available.

Proof Testing and Rigging Recertification

All of our facilities are equipped with proof test machines operated by trained shop personnel. Our horizontal proof test machine capabilities of each branch is as follows. We also have branches equipped with vertical test beds, and we have various portable load links which can be used.

I & I Sling Facility

Proof Test Capability

Proof Test Bed Length

FL - Palm Coast400,000 lbs35'
MA - Norwood600,000 lbs63'
NC - Greensboro350,000 lbs53'
PA - Aston (Corporate Headquarters)1,200,000 lbs120'
TN - Knoxville350,000 lbs86'
VA - Lorton350,000 lbs45'

We can handle the inspection and testing of your rigging equipment at these individual branches. This service can cover as little as a few shackles or slings – or a pallet or rigging box full of different rigging. Incoming rigging for this service can be arranged with your Product Advisor or I&I Sling office. Again, all inspections will be performed following ASME B30 specifications.

An inspection/repair report will be prepared by us for the items inspected. All “passed” items will be proof tested, tagged and returned with a proof test certificate. Any items failed at inspection can be quoted a replacement price at your request. Some items may need repair – we will offer a quote to rework these items so they can then be recertified and tagged. NO work will be completed until authorization is received by your company – most often handled by receipt of your company purchase order.

Lift Plans

Through our associated training company, Rigging Institute LLC, which provides various rigging training courses, we have also developed a program to review lift plans. We can offer crane and rigging assessments and offer consulting to improve inspection and rigging efficiency. Rigging Institute LLC has three team members with experience performing Third Party Technical. You can contact your Outside Product Advisor or call the I & I Sling Branch you currently work with, and they will place you in contact with the Rigging Institute.

Product Drawings

Utilizing Solidworks 3D CAD software, we are able to create conceptual drawings to depict various rigging applications. These drawings help to ensure that all involved understand what rigging is needed and that the correct rigging will be supplied for a particular project.

Custom Rigging Assemblies

There may be situations that calls for a sling or tool that cannot be located in a catalog or online website. Please call your I & I Sling Product Advisor or I & I Sling Branch to discuss these special requirements.


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