hoist-photoTCR Large Capacity Air Powered Hoists with Pendant and Cord Controls and Hook Suspension.

Harrington’s TCR large capacity air chain hoists are market tested and proven to be durable and easily repairable. These high – performance hoists have the power required for lifting very heavy material and are best suited for extreme applications including in mines, shipyards, heavy construction, rigging situation and the petrochemical industry.

Standard Hoist Specifications:

Capacity Range: 10-25 Ton

Standard Lift: 10’.

Standard Pendant or Cord Length: 4’ less than lift (Longer lengths available

Air Supply requirements: 170-220 cfm at 60-90 psi

Air Lubrication: Minimum 10-15 drops per minute 2-3cc/min

Air filtration: Maximum 5 micron air filter or finer required

Operating conditions: Temperature range +14 degrees to 140 degrees F. Humidity 85% or less.